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s!mpL3 LAN Messenger


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s!mpL3 LAN Messenger is an application designed to be simple and easy to use while not lacking useful features and functionality. Keeping simplicity in mind, the application requires no complex installation procedure, just a few steps to follow the first time you run it. After that, connecting and chatting with others on your Local Area Network(s) is as easy as can be! Being so simple doesn't mean cutting down on other things, below you can see some of the main features:

  • All in one - You don't need to run a server separately, all you need is s!mpL3 LAN Messenger.
  • Multi-Network - You can be connected to up to 4 Local Area Networks at a time.
  • Sounds - Be notified by hearing a sound of your choice when someone chats you.
  • Hide-Key - A key combination to hide/show s!mpL3 LAN Messenger and all its windows instantly which can also be configured to require a password!
  • Updater - Stay up to date!
  • Encryption - All communication is encrypted with AES 128bit.
  • FREE - Yes, completely free!
  • Many more...

New features are constantly being added and will be available in future updates!

System Requirements:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) x32/x64
  • Local Area Network
  • Internet connection (to check for updates)

You can read more about s!mpL3 LAN Messenger here. (AutoIt Forum)

To download the latest version ( click here.

Version has the following bug fixes:

  •     1. Fixed a number of bugs related to the TreeView. It will now update correctly in more scenarios that before. For example, if for some reason a client isn't shown while connected and that client changes his Username or Status, the TreeView will now update accordingly and so will any open conversation window with that client.

        2. Fixed a bug with the Encryption password being saved when clicking "OK" in the pop up window instead of when clicking "Save" in Preferences as supposed to.

        3. When changing the Encryption password and saving the Preferences, if connected, s!mpL3 LAN Messenger will announce itself to the network so other clients appear in the TreeView so no manual "Refresh" is needed after this action.

        4. When multiple clients are connected, the "Chat" option will always be added above all clients instead of being further down as it used to be (was usually second).

        5. Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when receiving a message from a client and the TreeView wasn't showing that client.

Previous versions contain lots of bug fixes, GUI changes/improvements and added features such as:

Bug fixes:

  • Various bug fixes when connections change while connected or disconnected (msgboxes)
  • Specific settings not being greyed out as supposed to in Preferences GUI (previously Settings)
  • ...

GUI changes/improvements:

  • About GUI - re-designed and Updater implemented. License Agreement added.
  • Preferences GUI - Completely re-designed to accommodate extra settings, become less crowded and look better. Some settings have been removed for now and will be re-implemented in the future if needed. Also added the ability to mute/unmute sounds.
  • Various UI tweaks - OS aware Notifications, moved some settings to the main window, under a new menu called View. Added some new features like the option for the main window and/or conversation windows to appear in the taskbar.


  • Status - Your status is visible to others. The tray icon also corresponds to your status and it shows to others next to your name in the Treeview. You can change your status by clicking the icon next to your Username before connecting (cycle through) or by choosing the one you want by right-clicking the tray icon.
  • Translations - You now have the option to use s!mpL3 LAN Messenger in your own language! To submit your translation, contact me at the email in the About window.
  • Port Changing - You can now change the port used by editing the Config.ini file.
  • Updater version - Now gets information about the latest s!mpL3 LAN Messenger and displays it after updating.

Stay tuned!

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